About Us

Quality Cookware is a very important part of a home or a professional kitchen and is definitely needed to get the perfect result in both home and professional cooking. We specialize in all kinds of cookware as we have years of experience in the manufacture and sale of cookware, both traditional and modern.. Cookwareland has completely changed the way food is cooked. With everyone wanting to reduce the amount of fats in food for health reasons, Cookwareland is the best option to cook healthy as well as tasty food.

Our non-stick cookware is made from the best anodized aluminum coated with high-grade non- stick chemical that is toughened so as to give a long trouble free performance. For professional cooking we manufacture and sell heavy duty non-stick cookware that is hard wearing and has a really long functional life.

Being in this business for a very long time has helped us understand the needs of cooks both domestic andprofessional and our research and development team has been able to design cookware that is perfect in size, shape and design that is convenient to use, is long lasting and also performs optimally.

We also boast of manufacturing and selling a really wide range of cookware to cater to all kinds of cooking that includes all shapes and sizes of pans such as milk pan, saute pan, sauce pan, fry pan etc. in both aluminum and non-stick variety. We also have grill pans, woks, stock pot casserole that is great for all sorts of cuisines. Our pressure cookers are very popular as they are designed to cook fast and efficiently. They are also great fuel savers and that has been our primary concern when designing the cookware.

We are particularly proud of our ever popular brand "Kitchen King" which has given you the best designed and certified cookware. Our cookware sets that consist of sets of pots and pans of different sizes that are perfect to cook for small and large families or small and large eateries, are used widely in the UK by one and all. All our cookware sets are made of superior quality of aluminum and have heavy duty base for even heat distribution for cooking and reduction in the use of fuel.

It has been our mission to bring to you the best quality cookware that is long lasting and real value for money and also carry guarantees so that you are always secured.


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